Monday, November 06, 2006

Harvest Festival 2006

The show is over! Yippee, lol. It is always a lot of work to pack and set up and then tear it all back down, but it is still fun. We get to see a lot of friends that are also selling as well as all our local friends that come through. I even got to see a friend I haven't seen in years. We both went to Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington before it grew up to be Northwest University. That was a little over 30 years ago. Wow!

We thought the crowd was a little less then last year. And they certainly didn't seem to have Christmas shopping on their mind yet, most purchases we saw were mostly for personal purchases. Nancy did find an ornament for our daughter. We have always looked for that just-right themed ornament for the kids and grandkids and for each other. I'm a little bit in the doghouse because I found some cute ornaments last year (on sale after Christmas) and had a friend put their name and the year 2006 on them for me. So now Nancy can't shop for ornaments for the grandkids this year.

Here are a few pics of our booth. I forgot to take the camera the first two days so some of the impressive stuff has already sold.

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We were fairly pleased with our soap sales this year. For some reason, it seems that we have the hardest time selling our locally made soaps at local venues. Even our sales rep who goes to all the shops has a hard time selling any of the locally made products to our local stores and gift shops. Not sure why. Of course, having our soaps out in front instead of in back helped a lot (location, location, location!)

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Stars have been hot all summer and fall at the shop, so I thought they'd do well at the show. But all the stars came home with us. You never know what folks might be shopping for. Wish I had a crystal ball that would give me the inside edge.

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Well, nice to be home and glad that we're done with the show. Now we can catch up on our wholesale orders and enjoy the fall. Thanks for stopping by and looking. Have a great day!


At 3:02 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Great looking booth Duane! : ) I love the stars!
How cool to run into an old college bud.


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