Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Want to watch us play volleyball?.........

is what our daughter asked. Translation: Would you come and watch the grandkids while Jason and I play volleyball?

But of course, we never refuse an opportunity to watch the grandkids! And it was also fun to watch our daughter play volleyball since we hadn't seen her play the game since she was in high school. I joked with her afterwards and said it was nice to see her play and not butt heads with her coach.

They play intramural volleyball in the Presbyterian church gym. The only place for spectators is on the stage. Jaedan and Ashlynn were already there and running back and forth on the stage. After being so active, what better place to rest then Grandma's lap:

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I'd post some pictures of Jamie and Jason playing volleyball, but the pics came out a little weird. The one pic of Jamie actually looks almost evil with the way her eyes came out. But if there is any doubt that our granddaughter has a very strong personality and is very mischievous to boot, just one look at this picture will erase any doubt!

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Aftwards we all went out to DQ and I had my favorite food group - ice cream! The pumpkin pie blizzard was loaded with pie crust chunks. Very good but I think I could've done with a smaller one (but don't tell Nancy I said that).


At 4:44 AM, Blogger Becky said...

They are adorable Duane!


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