Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Custom work and more!

Wow, has it been that long since I last posted. Time goes by so fast anymore. And I've gotten caught up in the Facebook craze.

I always get a little nervous when someone brings a piece for me to redo for them. They have all seen samples of my work at Black Sheep Gallery or Simpler Times Village in Twin Falls.

The reason I get nervous is that when I do a piece at their request, I'm not always sure I've met their expectations. Fortunately no one has complained or asked me to redo their piece yet. Here are three pieces that I just finished for a client that has had me redo pieces for her twice before and has also bought some of the pieces that I did of my own.

End table done in a light mint green and distressed.


The two following are a couple of dressers done in primitive distressed white.



This next dresser was given to me by a friend. In return if I ever come across a bookcase, she gets first dibs after I've distressed and made it prim.


I dropped off a couple of pieces at Black Sheep Gallery today that I forgot to take a picture of so will try to get that done in a few days and posted for you to see.


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