Sunday, December 14, 2008

Black Friday and Busy Brinlee

Lets start first with Brinlee, a sweet and happy little girl that will soon be walking. She is already taking a few steps away from the couch. I don't know how fast she will be when she gets her wheels under her but she can sure move on her hands and knees. She knows the meaning of the word "NO" but is still stubborn enough to keep trying to get in to whatever she can before we drop the "NO" bomb on her.

Here she is opening the doors to see what is inside. She loves to pull open drawers and cupboard doors and empty whatever is inside to the floor.


I think she was glad just to get out of the car seat and be able to move around at will. After all, shopping any time is hard work but especially on Black Friday, in my opinion.



This was the day after Thanksgiving, the day known as Black Friday. Nancy went with daughter Jamie and her husband Jason, along with Brinlee to do some Christmas shopping. I went once several years ago with Nancy and vowed to never shop again on Black Friday. And to prove my point, here is where son-in-law Jason ended up when he got to our house.


'Nuff said!


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