Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Spots of Color in November

We have had very little snow in southern Idaho. With all the mountains around us, to the south and to the north, you'd think that there would be at least some snow. But nowhere near enough. My brother Mike works for Sun Valley Company, on the golf courses in the summer and at the lifts in the winter. He is a "full time employee" yet because they don't have any snow, they have reduced his working time to one day a week until they can get enough snow so they can run the lifts.

Here in Hansen, just south of the Snake River Canyon, we enjoy a fairly mild climate year around. I remember planting bulbs in October and November when we were moving to our home about 25 years ago.

This plant is some type of geranium, but I can't remember what kind. It does have a profusion of purple flowers in the summer and it has a habit of making a nice mounded plant. I usually go through the flower beds and trim almost everything back but these have such a pretty splash of autumn colors, that I leave it so that it adds a nice touch, especially if it snows.


And although all the plants have pretty much quit blooming for the year, I was happy to see this flower come back to life after some rain. Its such a happy fellow and having it greet us as we go in or come out the front door is always a treat.


We've had a little rain here today, hopefully it is translating in to some snow at higher elevations.


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