Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Idaho weather........

....where you can have different seasons all in the same day.

A couple of days ago I took a picture of some plants emerging from the soil in mid-February! The time of year when you expect to be covered in snow and wearing your red longjohns. Yet we were having 40-60 degree weather and able to walk around in a short sleeved shirt.

Here are the daffodils:

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and the tulips:

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Do you see the lava rock around the flowers? You may remember that I wrote on the Soapnuts email list about my adventures in tearing out the lava rock walls that had been in place in our living room since before we bought our home 20 years ago.

I finally tore that all out and we have a much roomier living room now. We piled the lava just outside the front door in the flower bed and have been gradually disposing of several of the rocks each week in our garbage pickup. (We tried to box several rocks up and dispose of them or threw them in individually on top of the trash. But each time our dainty garbage men would leave the rock filled boxes behind or pick the individual rocks out and throw on the ground. But by placing a couple of rocks of average size in each garbage sack, we've been able to dispose of about half the pile. The rest should be gone by spring)

Anyway, just a couple of days later and I hear wind blowing around the house. Being of a curious nature, I got up and peaked out one of the bedroom windows. Where just a few days ago, the sun beating down for several days had brought the daffodils and tulips up and out of their beds, now we have a nice blanket of snow. These pictures were taken from an open bedroom window about 4 am with a porch light on and the camera flash.

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Having spent most of my childhood in the wonderful beautiful and windy state of Wyoming, I can live with this!


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Denise in PA said...

You might be able to live with this weather...but it's driving me totally BATTY! We haven't hit the 50 degree mark since the first part of January...we're more in the single digit circle right now. I'm so tired of being cold...but at least the sun shone today! AND, I got a package from Brambleberry!


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