Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To borrow from Art Linkletter: Kids say the darnedest things

The weather has been beautiful this past few days, one of the advantages of living in a high desert region. While other parts of the country are experiencing minus degree weather because of cold and windchill, we have been having temps close to 60 degrees.

Jaedan and Ashlynn are loving it. We took them to the park yesterday for half an hour. While many kids become couch potatoes, given a choice, both kids would rather be outside. Our daughter Jamie is very good to see that they go for bike rides together, as well as other outdoor activities.

Today, before going to Costco to purchase supplies to start soap production again, we took the kids to the Artic Circle. This is one of their favorites because they have an indoor kids gym.

After eating, Jaedan said he needed to go to the bathroom to "poop". Because of so many little ones being accosted in public bathrooms, we make sure that one of us is in the restroom with either of the kids to ensure their safety.

Anyway, before I digress, Nancy noticed that Jaedan's face was quite red and he was obviously in some distress (possibly slightly constipated?).

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Nancy commented, "Jaedan, your whole face is really red! Are you ok?"

Jaedan replied, "No, it's stuck!"

Well, alls well that eventually ends well and he was able by sheer will power to get it "unstuck"!


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