Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Soap Contiuum - You've heard of Spoon Fudge, how about Spoon Soap?

I remember my Mom's homemade fudge. It wasn't the kind that you melted some dipping chocolate and added marshmallows and nuts. It was real and honest "made-from-scratch" fudge, beaten with a wooden spoon for what seemed like hours until it got that certain glossy shine and could be poured into a pan and refrigerated until firm.

There were times that even though the fudge was deemed perfect and ready to pop in the frig, that it didn't become firm. Mother's solution was simply to declare it "Spoon Fudge" and hand everyone a spoon so we could dig in and consume the fudge.

Today, I give you (drum roll please) Spoon Soap! I made two batches of soap, one after the other. These are soaps I've made many times before and have had them turn out just fine. I did reformulate the Fut Spa soap but in my opinion, nothing was changed enough to cause the soap to not turn out.

Nonetheless, well, lets go to the pictures:

You've seen this in my last post. The soap on the left doesn't look weird, don't you agree?

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I have to admit that last night I was a little concerned when I peeked at the soaps before going to bed shortly after pouring this one. I thought it looked a little bit "wet" but hoped that by morning, the moisture would be absorbed and all would be well.

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Soap clung to my fingertip just by touching the surface of the soap.

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Although I've had soaps crack a bit on the top from the intense heat sometimes generated, this crack looked "different".

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I know that I probably should have waited a few more hours before unmolding the soaps but the salt bars usually have hardened more then this one seemed to. You can see that the side you're looking at, which is the inside side that abuts the other soap cell, was soft enough that it almost looks melted. Of course, I just told Nancy that it was a good omen because it looked like a valentine heart.

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I put it on the loaf cutting board and as you can see, the loaves didn't even have a foundation to stand on.

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You could take the soap and squish it in your hand. I wonder if this is how that Squishy soap came to be?

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Cleaning this up was a pain! with a capital "P"!

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Here is the soap boxed and ready to be set aside to play with later. I always hate it when a batch goes bad. This one had a blend of peppermint, juniperberry, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils that smelled so gooooood.

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Now it is back to the basics, making sure I followed all the procedures and hope to eventually prove that it was indeed those soap gremlins who caused all this misfortune!


At 3:09 AM, Blogger Becky said...

I really didn't understand much after "spoon fudge".......

Boy howdy, does that sound like lots of fun, I want some now!

Sorry your soap basically went kerplunk Duane, : (
I blame gremlins too


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