Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two youngest grandchildren......

Update on Braxton: Original due date was August 8. About 3 weeks ago, the doctor figured that he was almost 5 pounds. Michelle has been having very hard contractions for the past three nights, spending the first night at the hospital, then sent home only to return the next night and stayed overnight, to be sent home again.

The doctor ordered strict bed rest for the next 10 days, but she is continuing with labor pains and remains dilated to only about 1. Depending on how the bed rest does, it is possible that they might induce labor, certainly the plan to after about 10 days if it goes that long.

All indications are that it will be a healthy baby, and we're anxious to hold another little one in our arms and smother them with love and spoiling!

Little Brinlee is growing like a little weed and you can tell she can hardly wait to be able to get those little legs moving and those little arms grabbing. She is almost ready to turn completely over, just as soon as she figures that with just a little push she can complete the turn. Here is a picture of her when she was lying on her back on a small pad. She was able to kick her way over to the piece of furniture so that she could grab the florals, promptly pulling them over her face. She didn't cry but she sure let out some sounds of surprise. Grandma Nancy will certainly have her hands full when this one joins the others in creating havoc and mayhem at our household. And we wouldn't have it any other way!



At 5:19 AM, Blogger The Foxes Den said...


I will keep my fingers crossed that the little guy stays in the oven a little longer! My SIL had contractions early on with the second child and was able to put off giving birth, hope that's how it is for the little one!

Big hugs!


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