Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey is in the oven................

With a nod to those who are in the middle of their feast or have already moved on to the afternoon portion of snacking from the left overs.

My turkey just went in, happily stuffed (loosely) and the butternut squash has been halved and also stuffed with dressing waiting for it's turn.

I was thinking how traditional my family is. We have always alternated between Nancy's family and mine. This year is with my family. Nancy has a brother that goes to 3 different Thanksgiving get-togethers. I'm satisfied with just one.

My mom always makes the homemade crescent rolls and pies, my sister always brings her "Pink Fluff". She and I have an ongoing dispute over the correct way to make this. This is the dish made with jello, cottage cheese, whipped cream and fruit(s) of choice - usually banana and mandarin orange. I advocate making the traditional jello and then when it has begun to set, mixing in the rest of the ingredients. She mixes everything together at once including the jello powder (sans the water).

I almost always make the dressing and turkey. I like my dressing moist but not soggy, with plenty of onion, celery and garlic. I usually put some kind of specialty sausage chunks in although the most memorable was the dressing I made using smoked oysters and cornbread. A previous brother-in-law who hated oysters came back for thirds.

Nancy's mom always baked her dressing separately and was so "moist" I called it dressing soup. Never could get myself to eat it although Nancy and her family loved it.

Now we're going to sit back and watch movies. While we're watching, Nancy the workaholic, will be cleaning up soaps. Here is a pic of a spud soap with the shavings from several dozen spud soaps. I marvel at how tiny and precise these are. Any smaller and they would be powder!

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There are also purple shavings in there from the Huckleberry Spud Soaps she has been cleaning.

Have a great day and be blessed!


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Sue said...

This is a beautiful blog, Duane. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. We baby boomers have so many stories, don't we?

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Frances said...

What a nice blog to read through. Your stuffing sound very interesting. I make a version of the one I was taught to make by my grandmother! apples, celery,onions& sausage with cornbread as the binder. It's one thing I can't change!

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Denise in PA said...

Stuffing Soup? Seriously, my sister took me to Isaac's Restaurant & Deli in Harrisburg...and they had Turkey & Stuffing Soup! And this was back in May! We ordered it...just out of couriosity...ick! good flavor, but I just couldn't do the texture!


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