Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Eyes Have It...........................................

Jaedan was excited to see Nana coming to the school yard to pick him up today. He was anxious to show her his shiner. It happened in PE under the watchful eye of Coach Wilford who also happened to be a teacher and coach when Jaedan's Uncle Josh went to the same elementary school. Jaedan's kindergarten teacher is the same teacher that Uncle Josh had when he was in kindergarten.

Anyway, as Jaedan explained to the FedEx terminal employee, "three guys, one of them a dude, ran into me and it was like a dogpile with me on the bottom"! Here it is documented for all to see:

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Now when a camera is put into use, it causes an immediate reaction with Jaedan's tongue sticking out and wiggling and waggling!

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That should be a pretty good shiner by morning.

Nancy and I've been busy with keeping the wholesale and retails orders going out the door to FedEx, UPS and USPS. We figure about another week or two and then we'll have a quiet couple of weeks to enjoy the holidays.

The kids love to play games on the game table we bought for them at Christmas last year. Here they proudly show off their winning glamor poses:

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Nancy gave Jaedan a large box and some paper plates. Here is his concept of the next generation of car:

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This is a hybrid, doesn't use fossil fuel but runs quite well on leftover Pizza Hut Meat Lovers and Pizza Hut Hawaiian with an occasional handful of dried fruits for good measure. These will be in limited supply so better get your order in soon!


At 2:55 AM, Blogger Becky said...

That shiner should be pretty colorful today! he looks so proud of it, whatta boy!


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