Monday, November 27, 2006

The Big Ham after the Turkey.........

Today was a day that we were looking forward to. It has been almost a week since we saw the grandkids last. Their mother and her fiance' had taken them to Oregon for Thanksgiving and today is the first day we were back on the schedule to pick Jaedan up from school. Like any grandparent, we jokingly say that the one nice thing about grandchildren is that you can always send them home to their parents. We find that is true for about the first 5-10 minutes after they have been picked up. Then we begin missing the sounds that always accompany children even when they are on their best behavior.

Somehow Jaedan and I missed each other - he was walking toward the car on one side of the yellow school buses while I was walking toward his classroom on the other side. When the buses began pulling away from the curb while I was standing beside Jaedan's classroom door, I knew that he would already have been dismissed from class. Peeking in the window, I saw his teacher straightening up the class while munching on a cookie. She saw me and quickly opened the door. She thought that Nancy had already picked up Jaedan, mistaking another grandparent for Nancy.

Fortunately, Jaedan had seen the car and had gotten in. When I got back to the car, he was in tears. Upon questioning, he explained that he thought I might have been abducted by a bad guy and that was why I wasn't there at the car to meet him. Tears dried and comfort applied, we soon began our way to town to pick up a few things.

Then back home where we played some games.

Just before Thanksgiving we were really busy getting soap orders out the door so that the stores were stocked before Black Friday. In a few more days we will begin receiving the reorders for the next few weeks but for now we had plenty of time to play games with the kids. They didn't have to hear, "not right now, I have to get this finished".

Still with all the attention, while Ashlynn was taking her afternoon nap, Jaedan played around with Nana's eye liner. I had to take pictures and he is such a HAM, capitals intended! See for yourself:

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This is what makes my life so full of joy and contentment.


At 3:21 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Oh too funny! just think of future uses for those pics! lol!
Any time he's acting up in his teens, all you'll have to do is suggest whipping these out in front of his friends, hehehehee


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