Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am most pleased when i figure out how to use something to make something rather then throw it away. These candlesticks are made out of chair legs and small table legs. The base block for most of the candlesticks were made out of a chair seat, a wood that had some weight to it so helps to stabilize the Candlesticks quite handily. 100% Beeswax Candles are used, along with Pip Berry Ribbon or Candle Rings at the base.

The first Candlesticks are 6 inches tall, no candle or adornments. Colored with Vanilla Steam and antiqued with Dark English Walnut Stain after being distressed.


This next Candlestick is 12 inches tall with the candle. Layered with a white, then black, then green, distressed, then antiqued with stain.


The third picture is a single Black Candlestick, distressed, then stained. It is 14 inches with the candle.


The next set is layered with white, then black, then green, distressed and antiqued. With the candle, the Candlesticks are 14 inches tall. A 2 inch Candle Ring is at the base.


And the final Candlesticks are 14 inches tall, colored with black, then Vanilla Steam, distressed and stained. It has Red Pip Berry Ribbon for decoration.


We have some friends who make the cutest Christmas decorations out of these. They paint them white, then make them look like tall thin snowmen complete with neck scarves and winter hats.


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