Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa...


is the song we've been hearing for the past week from grandson Jaedan. Their daddy (Mark) has been on his week off from work (he has at least one full week per month that he is off, wouldn't that be nice) so we weren't needed to provide child care this week. But we had some Christmas treats that Nancy needed to finish for the Christmas gatherings this coming weekend and she had promised Jaedan that he could help her. We called Mark and asked if we could come get the kids for a few hours today so they could help make the goodies. Worked out just fine since the kids are out of school today.

Now the treats have been made, Nancy has plated them and wrapped them (to keep me from snitching any). Then following the kitchen session, the kids and I had our session of "rough me up" followed up with photo opportunity, of course!

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Now here is the photo that shows the true way that they behave.

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This one is sort of like a Christmas photo I took of our kids when they were a little younger then the two grandkids are now. Nancy was working and I was in a period of unemployment, so while I was home with the kids I thought that I'd dress the kids up, take a good photo and give it to Nancy for Christmas. I changed the kids outfits several times and got some pictures, but by the end they were about fed up with me. The last picture I took both Jamie and Josh were bawling and guess which picture I framed for Nancy's desk? Yup, the one that reminded her why she had to work so hard.......

The picture below shows that the kids can get along for at least a moment. Not sure what is happening in the last picture unless Jaedan's alter ego (Spider Man) is coming out and slinging silk.

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Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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