Sunday, March 02, 2008

Inrtoducing Brinlee Anne Benjamin

Both of Jamie's two children had come at 37 weeks, so Jamie was thinking **and hoping** that Brinlee would also make her appearance at 37 weeks. At Jamie's doctor's appointment at the beginning of 37 weeks, she was dilated to 3 but was sent home. She didn't want to give birth on Friday because Jaedan had a wrestling tournament on Saturday that she didn't want to miss. Here are a couple of pictures I was able to take before my batteries died. You can see Jamie in the back of the picture in a pink sweater still pregnant. Jaedan is the one with his arms stuck inside his wrestling shirt.


Jaedan had four matches and got two blue ribbons and two red. It was a fun couple of hours watching the kids!


After the match, Jamie and Jason brought the kids over while they went in to get checked to make sure she wasn't in labor. (This is the daughter that doesn't have labor pains until the last couple of minutes just before the big push!) They determined she was only at 4 centimeters but because a test showed she had a common virus, they decided to keep her and run some antibiotics in. Then I guess the doctor must have decided that he didn't want to miss his Sunday tee time or something and had the nurse adminster the "pit" to encourage contractions.

Actually while the doctor was examining her, her water broke and there was no turning back, lol. Nancy and I got there just shortly after the baby was born, after about 2 minutes of "labor". The nurses all would like to have every birth go as easily, quietly and quickly as Jamie's!

Jaedan and Ashlynn spent the night with Uncle Josh and we picked them up this morning to go to church. After church we met Josh and his girlfriend Michelle for lunch at the restaurant.

Jamie knew it was getting close to birthing, so at the beginning of the week, she had the kids help make the two shirts they are wearing in this next picture to help them feel a part of the process. They also got to shop and each picked out a new toy for their new sister! Jaedan declares that he likes his new little sister.


Here they are with their first picture with their new sister. Nancy was wondering what we were going to call her. Since we call Ashlynn, Sissy, we need something different for Brinlee. Nancy was trying out "Breezy" but wasn't sure yet if that was the nick name that would stick.

Jaedan and Ashlynn are spending the night and we'll get them to school in the morning. Jamie and Brinlee will get to come home Monday. But I have to go now, Jaedan and I are reading a chapter of Robin Hood every night he spends with us and he is at my shoulder now asking to read the chapter before he goes to bed. I'll post a few more pictures when we're done.



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