Friday, May 23, 2008

More furniture

Chairs continue to sell well. And now I get to put furniture in two shops in town, both having different clientèle so it increases the number of potential buyers. Check out The Black Sheep Gallery and Simpler Times Village if you live in the area. Here are some of the most recent chairs I've done.

The first one in a baby high chair done in black and white.


This next one was purchased at an estate auction. There were a dozen singularly individual antique chairs but this was the only one that sold within range of my checkbook. It is done in Mustard and Black with a wreath and garland that has mustard pip berries and burgundy tin stars.


People are beginning to bring me pieces to have them primmed and antiqued. I just finished a corner two piece hutch for a lady who brought this next chair as part of the payment for redoing her hutch. I plan to put the word "WELCOME" across the top in vinyl lettering, probably in burgundy to match the fruit in the heart shaped wreath. I think it would look great in some foyer to welcome guests into a home.


In addition to chairs being very popular (I've done over 40 chairs in the past year), another oft requested piece of furniture are smaller end tables such as this black and white table. This won't last long at the The Black Sheep Gallery.



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