Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mirror, Dresser and Chest

The most recent pieces that have been taken to Black Sheep Gallery in Twin Falls.

Mirrors have done well for me, this one was just a plain white piece until some Ancient Burgundy and Vanilla Steam paint transformed it.


I've only done one other dresser and it has lots of character. But I decided to see if there would be a market for dressers in the area. This piece has some dings and dents but that just adds to its character. It is a solid piece with dovetail joints. Four drawers per side. Done in Cavern Moss Green, distressed and aged.


This next piece could be used for a toy box, a blanket chest or for other storage. Painted with Antique Burgundy and Vanilla Steam, distressed and aged. A checkerboard pattern on the top and a large star on the front panel. We like its chunky feet.



Yet to come, a Hoosier top piece, a ladies cosmetic desk and a unique wooden chair. Stay tuned.


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