Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Furniture fun!

It has been intermittently pouring down rain or sun shining bright. But it seems that when I do any gardening that the sun shines, however the moment I put down the shovel and pick up my sander to work on furniture, the rain comes and runs me off the deck. In the past few days though, I have managed to finish a few pieces so that they can go in to one of the shops that sells my furniture for me.

This first piece is a wonderful colonial style dry sink that I did in black and white.


This next piece is made out of half a door and a bed footboard with a seat made out of rough pine. Then it really gets to looking like a garden chair when the tanglevine wreath and garland are added. This chair was done in green on black so it probably didn't help to take the picture of it with the lawn as a backdrop!


This is the second of four secretaries that I have done. The first one was a very, very primitive style. This one had been used by a gentleman for his fishing flies that he enjoyed making. Now it will have a new life in someone else's home.



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